This year’s North Carolina Pace Association’s Educational Conference was hosted in Durham, NC. We spent 2 days filled with learning from other PACE organizations about how to increase awareness, and celebrating our successes as we raised the bar in leading PACE as a whole to a brighter and more prosperous future.  Making the theme, Here We Grow very fitting for the 2017 conference.

PACE of the Southern Piedmont had a great time at conference, and even had the opportunity to contribute in a very positive way on many levels. CEO and Executive Director, Renee Rizzuti, along with Quality Coordinator, Margaret Moody, provided valuable education about our “True North” and had the opportunity to share real outcomes related to implementing new processes and procedures at PACE of the Southern Piedmont.  April Barnes was also a presenter and shared valuable information about building community relationships to build your enrollments.

Amanda Paugh, caregiver and daughter of Arden Shafer from PACE of the Southern Piedmont, also contributed positively to the NC PACE Conference.  Amanda shared the struggles, celebrations, and overall experience of being a caregiver, both before PACE and after.  Her impactful story, and thanks to PACE of the Southern Piedmont both for the support we provide and how we have changed Arden’s quality of life for the better, gave many attendees new to PACE a great example of how wonderful this model of care truly is.

PACE of the Southern Piedmont also had the opportunity to nominate 2 employees for awards at the NC PACE conference.  Adrian Romero was nominated for the Direct Care Award for his work and compassion as a member of the rehab team.  The impact he has made on the lives of many in our center and his expert work with the dementia population is phenomenal.  Adrian also has utilized his fluency in Spanish to start a Salsa dancing class in rehab to get out ever growing Spanish population not only moving, but socializing. Adrian is a great addition to our team and it was truly an honor to nominate him for this award at the NC PACE Conference.

Meghan Neary was nominated for the Indirect Care Award for her dedication and hard work as our TruChart Administrator.  Meghan volunteered to take on the massive responsibility of this role in addition to her full time responsibilities.  Her ability to provide supportive guidance has allowed staff to embrace new assessments and processes across all departments.  She has truly become a respected and trusted “go to” person.  As one vendor describes, “it is an honor to work with someone who is charismatic and passionate to do the right thing…She is constantly looking at TruChart and figuring out how their PACE center can use it to better their operations, communication, and overall care for the participant.”  Again, PACE of the Southern Piedmont was happy for the opportunity to write this well-deserved nomination.

The last nomination that was made by PACE of the Southern Piedmont was for the NC PACE Advocate Award.  Gentiva of North Charlotte (now known as Kindred at Home) was nominated for their advocacy and support of PACE of the Southern Piedmont and the PACE Model as a whole.  Whether you find Social Worker Marsha Bright giving an unscripted and from the heart message in our States NC PACE or Terry Horne promoting Gentiva in her elevator speech at a community event, and then giving PACE equal credit through her advocacy of telling the many successful transitions she is proud of through the partnership we have developed, PACE of the Southern Piedmont knew this nomination was well deserved and so did the NC PACE Association.  We are so proud of the NC PACE Advocate Award that was given to Gentiva of North Charlotte and truly value their work and continuous support in PACE of the Southern Piedmont. We look forward to an amazing 2018 and all the educational conference will hold next year!

Left to Right: Katrina W. Beveridge, RN, MCP; Stephanie Reynolds, RN, MCP; Marsha Bright, MSW; Terry Horne, PT; April M. Walker, RN, MSN, Executive Director; April Barnes-Director of Outreach and Enrollment with PACE of the Southern Piedmont

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