Pictured left to right (Representative Beverly Earle; Renee Rizzuti-CEO)

PACE of the Southern Piedmont proudly nominated Representative Beverly Earle this year for the 2018 Advocate Award at the NC PACE Conference this in Durham, NC.  Her advocacy for PACE both locally in Charlotte and as a member of the General Assembly in North Carolina makes her most deserving of this award, and we are so honored to have her representing PACE in our community.  Below is a portion of her nomination from PACE of the Southern Piedmont validating her receipt of this years 2018 Advocate Award from the NC PACE Association.

“Charlotte is very fortunate to have many dynamic leaders representing a multitude of community efforts and causes.  However, at PACE of the Southern Piedmont we are especially appreciative of the advocacy and support for our program and the expansion of PACE that we receive from Representative Beverly Earle.  Whether showing her support through attending our Annual PACE Month, Celebrating with our participants and staff during our Holiday Open House, or advocating for our expansion by speaking with fellow members of the Tuesday Morning Forum about her involvement and efforts to see PACE expanded to every county, Beverly Earle is bar non the most action oriented advocate of the PACE model of care and expansion in North Carolina.

It is because of Representative Earle we were invited to participate in an amazing opportunity to present before the North Carolina Health and Human Services Aging Sub Committee back in December of 2017.  Once again, amongst her fellow committee members and political peers, Beverly Earle took the time to express her passion for PACE and how she will continue to advocate not only our expansion but best practices that should be implemented so PACE programs can better and more successfully fill their mission.

Beverly Earle was the first black woman elected to represent a Mecklenburg district in the N.C. House.  In addition to numerous “first” in legislative leadership positions, she was the first woman to chair the Legislative Black Caucus, and for PACE of the Southern Piedmont she is the first political advocate to do everything in her power to not only support our mission but literally ensure we had a voice and our message was heard.”

  Thank you Representative Beverly Earle! 

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