PACE During Covid-19
PACE of the Southern Piedmont, sponsored by Kintegra Health and Lutheran Services of the Carolinas, had to redefine how and where we provided the care for our participants at the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our services remained open and seamlessly shifted from being based in our Day Health and Wellness Center to in the home, remote, or a combination of all three. PACE of the Southern Piedmont takes pride in its resilience among its team of providers, caretakers, and administration to continue providing support to its participants while they remain living safely and healthy in their community. PACE provides activities in the home, rehabilitation therapy in the home, as well as wellness checks by healthcare professionals. PACE Medical Clinic remains open helping to ensure routine medical concerns are addressed. We are proud and respect the commitment our teammates, families and caregivers have exemplified during this challenging global pandemic. The continued efforts of the PACE of the Southern Piedmont team and its participants and caregivers have provided opportunity for creativity and flexibility. Regardless of a global health pandemic, maintaining our seniors living at home, safely, without risks of exposure, is imperative to us. PACE provides the necessary support and resources to maintain our seniors living in the community they wish to live in. Our team at PACE of the Southern Piedmont is committed to helping our participants remain safe and well at home.

What is PACE?
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) organizations serve one of the most vulnerable populations— older adults over age 55 who are requiring healthcare professional services to maintain and enhance their health. Fully integrated and comprehensive, PACE of the Southern Piedmont provides program participants with all needed medical and supportive services, including the entire continuum of Medicare-and Medicaid covered items and services, with the objective of maintaining the independence of program participants in their homes and communities for as long as possible. It is the mission of PACE of the Southern Piedmont to enhance the life and autonomy of older adults in our community. PACE has you covered, from primary care visits, medications, supplies, and equipment, to rehabilitation and wellness programs. Transportation is provided to and from the center for all PACE participants, as well as to any medical appointments necessary in the community. To be a one stop shop model of care, many services are coordinated and provided onsite at the center, such as Doctor Visits, Podiatry, Dental, Lab Work, Rehabilitation Therapy and Wound Care. By observing the PACE model in action, it is easy to see why this preventive care model is essential for seniors wishing to remain living safely in the home they love. PACE provides a broad range of services through the efforts of an Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) of healthcare professionals. This team is comprised of physicians, nurses, homecare coordinators, therapists, dietitians, social workers, pharmacists, and transportation coordinators who work together, in conjunction with an extensive network of providers familiar with PACE, to meet the overall mind, body, and spirit health needs of every participant. The care team works together to create an individualized care plan for every new participant enrolled into the PACE program. Both participants and their caregivers are encouraged to partner with the PACE team during this care planning process, allowing both parties to be actively engaged in care plan decisions. It is this coordinated care and partnership that ensures seniors are receiving the best and most comprehensive care possible.

What is the cost?
The PACE model of care is a home- and community-based benefit plan, paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, Private Funds, or any combination of the three. If a PACE participant is Medicaid eligible, the out of pocket cost will reflect the participant’s current financial ability to pay for the program. Once this potential out of pocket costs are met monthly, PACE participants are not responsible for co-pays or deductibles while utilizing services in network with, and authorized by, their PACE program. PACE programs have demonstrated time and again their ability to improve care delivery, sustain quality in care, and promote the overall health and wellness for the frailest members of our society who deserve the opportunity to live independently with dignity and respect.