What happens if there is a medical emergency?
In the event an emergency situation should arise at home, you will be able to call our emergency response contact who will be available 24 hours a day and specific instructions will be given to you as to what to do next.

You will be given the number of your emergency contact at the time of enrollment.

Please note:  If you visit a physician, specialist or emergency room without the prior consent of your PACE care team, you may be held responsible for the medical bills you incur.

What about my primary care physician?

In order to participate in the PACE program you will be required to be cared for by our physician. PACE  acknowledges that you may have a long term relationship with your own physician and  we will work closely with him/her to ensure a seamless transition to our care.

Can I see my specialist?
Yes. PACE will connect with your specialist so that we can plan your care together. These visits must be authorized by your care team and payment will be covered by PACE.
How will I know what my plan of care will be?
You are the main builder of your care plan.

Our team of medical specialists will conduct comprehensive assessments and discuss your care needs with you. They will ask about what treatment has worked and what hasn’t.

All of the information will be used to create your personal Plan of Care.

Periodic reassesments will be made to your plan and you and your caregivers will be involved every step of the way.

We take a ‘team approach’ to care at the PACE center, partnering with you, your caregiver and family to enable you to remain in the secure surroundings of your own home.

Can I withdraw from PACE of the Southern Piedmont care?
You can choose to withdraw from the program.

You will need to provide thirty (30) days written notice in order to re-enroll to your previous Medicare and /or Medicaid programs.

Disenrollment will occur the last day of the month dependant on Medicaid processing.

Where can I learn more?

We want you to understand all that PACE can offer you and your family through coordinated and quality care. To learn more about us you can call PACE of the Southern Piedmont  704-887-3840 to speak with our Intake staff member and arrange a visit to our center.

You can also learn more about the PACE program at:

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