Toni Maddox, Business Office Coordinator
As we head into Spring we would like to bring up a few friendly reminders from you Business Office Team.
1. Please be sure to present your PACE insurance card at all approved medical visits. This includes hospital and specialist appointments. It is imperative for billing purposes providers outside of PACE understand we are your insurance provider.
2. If for some reason you receive a medical bill at your home address for a PACE approved hospital or specialist appointment, please submit it to the business office at PACE. We will take care of contacting the provider to correct the billing address.
3. For Participants that pay a monthly fee to PACE, please be mindful that all payment are due by the 10th of each month. Please reference your Enrollment Agreement, pages 35-36, for your specific monthly payment liability, or call us at 704-887-3840 should you have questions about your monthly liability.
4. Eye glasses reimbursement: PACE will reimburse participants up to $140 for one pair of eyeglasses the first year and lenses only the second year and forward, if recommended by the Ophthalmologist

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