What is the Cost?

The PACE model of care is a home and community based benefit plan, paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, Private Funds, or any combination of the three. If a PACE participant is Medicaid eligible, the out of pocket cost will reflect the participant’s current financial ability to pay for the program. Once these potential out of pocket costs are met monthly, PACE participants are not responsible for co-pays or deductibles while utilizing services in network with, and authorized by, their PACE program*.

PACE programs have demonstrated time and again their ability to improve care delivery, sustain quality in care, and promote the overall health and wellness for the frailest members of our society who deserve the opportunity to live independently with dignity and respect.  Please call our Enrollment Specialist at 704-887-3853 if you are interested in learning more about enrolling in PACE of the Southern Piedmont’s All Inclusive Program for the Elderly.

*PACE participants may be fully and personally liable for the cost of unauthorized or out-of-PACE program agreement services